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Louisa debuted her first collection, Me Too at SS19 London Fashion Week with Fashions Finest

Our Spring Summer collection looks into the damaging and long-term effects of rape, sexual assault and violence. We explore the mental and physical impacts of these incidents, fighting the unseen battles that follow victims into their everyday lives, an issue that we feel very passionate about.


“Me too, I am a victim and I’ll never be the same just like so many others. I refuse to let what happened to me define who I am any longer.” 

Louisa Moody


Many victims are faced with the question “What were you wearing?” our SS/19 collection explores and challenges the misconception of a victim’s choice of clothing suggesting they were asking for it. Through this collection we want to encourage you to be confident, know your worth and to be the voice of your body, no one else has that right.

Louisa Retrned to London Fashion Week with Fashions Finest with her AW19/20 collection as well as being a finalist of Britain's Next Top Model.


 The Female Endeavor

 As long as we can remember, sex work has been frowned upon and demeaning to the worker involved, especially if she’s a woman. Trapped beneath the male gaze, often labeled by society as a whore or slut, who usually have an addiction with no choice but to turn to sex work.

But what about the individuals who choose sex work, for their own sexual benefits. Who feel empowered and in control. Who believe their job just as work, they’re are self – employed and running a business, just like anyone else.

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